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Hi Hello There Wise Self

My wise self looks a bit like Joan Didion

My wise self looks a bit like Joan Didion


I started this blog with full intention of blogging twice a week, but that’s just not happening. At this point, I just want to keep it going, even if that means posting sporadically. As mentioned in my original post, I have a hard time following through on creative projects that don’t involve making a living. Can’t  someone just hire me to be a visionary? That position exists in the world, right? Or have I been watching too much Silicon Valley? 

Anyway, in my Intro to Anxiety class this week, we talked a bit about the concept of Wise Self (I totally almost typed Wise Elf right there, but that’s a story for another day). It was part of a lesson on rational response, which comes at the end of a long process (called a CARAT form) that essentially involves identifying an anxiety-causing situation, analyzing the emotions and automatic thoughts that arise from the situation, identifying the thinking errors  or cognitive distortions in those automatic thoughts, and then moving from a series of questions into a more rational response to the situation.

I filled out  CARAT forms around a couple of situations. Not surprisingly, the one that was most effective for me had to do with money. I haven’t written about money or debt yet on the blog, but those are some of my biggest anxiety triggers.

My WE also looks suspiciously similar to bell hooks.

bell hooks could totally play my Wise Self in a movie version of my life

Back to Wise Self or WE for short.

From the Introduction to Anxiety Workbook:

Think of your rational response as a rebuttal that comes your wisest self. It offers the broadest perspective on what is really going on. Your rational response is meant to help you undo the harmful effects of unrealistic or exaggerated interpretations.

I dig this idea. As someone who still struggles with looking too much outside myself for approval, I like the idea that I have wisdom within myself to solve most of my problems, at least those that aren’t tied to a wider socio-economic reality or issue (and even that, I can change my thinking around so at least I don’t drag it around with me and dwell in the gloom most hours of the day).

What does your Wise Self look like? What’s the best advice you’ve ever received from your WE?




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