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Made Local Magazine: Feature Story on School Gardens in Sonoma County


On the stands at Oliver’s Market, Copperfield’s, Healdsburg SHED and lots of other locations:

On a sunny Friday morning in the Wright Charter school garden, first graders bustle about between rows of lettuce, dried sunflowers, corn, scarlet runner beans, and cabbage. The students tease and jostle, watering and tending plants. The scene looks straight from Anne of Green Gables or any one of those other classics about the simple pleasures of rural life. But this isn’t 19th century Nova Scotia and no one, except possibly the scarecrow, wears calico. These kids live in Roseland, a low-income, unincorporated area of Sonoma County, where high density housing and little access to parks and open space is the norm.

Learning to Eat: The school garden movement could end diabetes and does provide Common Core curriculum. So why is it still viewed as a hippie’s daydream? – Made Local Magazine, Nov/Dec. 2014